Carpet Cleaning

The Truth About Carpets Nobody Tells You

Having a clean carpet is not just aesthetic. Is a health matter. 

Depending on where you live your house could contain twice the amount of dust in the air compared to the air outside. 

But this is not the end of the story.

Very dangerous germs are found in carpets, in fact Novovirus, the one that causes stomach flu, is able to survive in an uncleaned carpet for over a month! 

But there’s more. Most of householders vacuum their carpets once a week which is better than nothing, but still not very efficient. It’s recommended to do it twice a week if your vacuum cleaner is new. And if you have a pet you should do it in a daily basis. 

Besides that, a professional deep vacuum must be performed at least once a year in order to keep your carpet clean and also to detect  hidden hazards, specially in dark corners or closets. 

And last but not least, remember all carpets have a lifespan. If yours is too old or worn you have to deep cleaning more often.

Don’t take an unnecessary risk to live and breath an air environment that is not optimal for your health. 

Take the decision and call us. One of our husbands will check your carpet and give you an estimate at your convenient time. 

We Care The Environment

We do hot water extraction or deep steam cleaning .
Hot water extraction is the most effective and up to date method of cleaning.
We spray surface with a powerful machine using an eco friendly cleaning solution. The compounds we use are green-seal and wool safe approved , we use non toxic solutions safe for all the family, pets and environment. 
Hot water is injected at high pressure deep into your carpet pile. 
The water breaks soils and oils more effectively and it’s instantly extracted until water comes back clean. 
This method is recommended by leading carpet manufacturers and cleaning experts.