Learn More About Our Husbands

Husbands for Rent it’s a family owned and operated business located  in Houston Texas .
The owners decided to open it after living  in a big and busy city and looking at people’s schedules and their lack of time. From the single mother coming home after a long day of work with no energy, to the student focused and busy with school projects, the married couple that decide to take in their free time a vacation with their families, to the business man that’s almost never in town to take care of the cleaning and restoration or their homes.
Every woman needs the peace of mind that they can complete every small or heavy task of the house by renting “a husband” that’s not necessary a real husband but someone who can accomplish the same , and also every man no matter if he’s at home with his family or away for work deserves a break ! 
Another reason of why we created Husbands for Rent was because the lack of professionalism and poor results of the carpet cleaning and restoration companies that the only thing they care about is how they can take people’s money without even asking or caring if they are 100% satisfied after every job. 
We  wanted to create a business with a purpose to bring excellence in 100% of the faction to everyplace and home. 
We don’t have a pre-planed or rigid working structure, we work according to your needs and desires to fulfill them in a short time spam.
That’s why in order to ensure the highest quality of service we provide a follow up call to every customer after the technician leaves their homes to make sure they are 100% satisfied with our job. Otherwise we are compromised and fix whatever had been done incorrectly or far away from your expectations with no additional cost, and that’s something that set us apart from the rest. 
We employ expert technicians fully insured, uniformed , from shoe covers to enter to your house to gloves and masks  required depending in every job either commercial or residential services. 
We use and advanced truck mounted  upholstery, carpet and air duct cleaning system with a powerful vacuum system .
Our van  mounted  hot water system and steam extraction system offers many advantages over our competitors that use less powerful, portable machines.
Self sufficient service using our own heat and waste tanks that also avoids heavy and noisy machinery in your home or workplace.