Our Husbands Can Help You With:

Carpet Cleaning

Having a clean carpet is not just aesthetic. Is a health matter. 

Depending on where you live your house could contain twice the amount of dust in the air compared to the air outside. 

But this is not the end of the story.

Very dangerous germs are found in carpets… (Learn More)

Air Ducts Cleaning

It’s a fact that the air in your house is not 100% clean. There are many floating particles constantly filling the air besides dust, polen, dander and mold spores. All of them risky and dangerous for your health. 

Breathing quality air at home or office is very important to avoid allergies and asthma and for that reason you have to be sure that all ducts are properly maintained. 

Changing air filters often is not enough for a very simple reason (read more…)

Dryer Duct Cleaning

Our husbands are very concerned about health, but also their priority is safety. 

According to the National Fire Protection Association one of the leading factors of a home fire is failure to clean your clothes dryer, more specifically: ducts. 

The most common origin of an ignition are lints accumulated by failing to clean  

It’s very important to keep your dryer duct clean for the following reasons: … (read more)

Grout and Tile Restoration  

It’s well known that tiles and grout look great in every place but after some time and traffic it start to look worn, dirty or both. 

There are also many “magic solutions” to clean grout, but honestly, using a small brush with a special powder going line by line even in a small surface  could be very painful. 

Let our husbands do this job, and believe us they are not going to use a toothbrush for that duty. 

The most important to have a great floor at home is … (read more)

Upholstery Renovation 

Every house has a cozy sofa or a favorite chair that nobody wants to get rid off just because the several spots in the fabric make them look old and dirty.

Actually you don’t need to get a new one if you can perform a deep steam cleaning. 

Our husbands have the right equipment and knowledge to steam cleaning all kind of fabrics even the most delicate ones. 

No matter what kind of furniture you have: modern or vintage, expensive or affordable, we know how to handle every single situation as a unique one. 

Our steamers can be used in chairs, sofas, mattresses, curtains … (read more)